Submission Guidelines

1. Lente uses photographs and images to promote social justice and human rights and bring attention to issues faced by people in society’s margins. As such, all images and photo essays should portray social issues or should have social justice and/or human rights as topics.
2. Photo essays should be thematic (for example, workers and wages, women and poverty, land rights). Your essay should tell a story.
3. Any work submitted should be yours. Claiming photos of others as your own is not allowed.
4. Photos should be submitted as a photo essay. A photo essay consists of a minimum of five photographs, with corresponding captions. Each photo should be at least 2000-3000 pixels in length. The editorial board may ask for additional material or adjustments if necessary.
5. Lente’s photos are open for criticisms and suggestions from other members of the community. Photos will also undergo a review process by Lente’s editorial board.